Saturday, December 1, 2007


Yeah, yeah, I know that I grew up in Ottawa and in Winnipeg, and of course I lived in the Arctic (Baffin Island) for a while. But now I live in BC, the west coast of Canada, and damn it, it's supposed to be mild here. Snow should be an event...not a normal thing. So WTF???

Anyway. One member of the family who is loving the snow is Buddy McDoggerson the Wonder Dog. He hates the rain, when he has to go "pee-poo" (cute, huh?) he tippee-toes about on the lawn like some spastic Lippanzer stallion, trying desperately to not have his wee toes touch the wet, sodden grass. But snow....a different kettle of fish, so to speak. (not an apt analogy, but I'm doing my best. ) He loves the snow. So Buddy McDoggerson heads out onto the deck, and snarffles the snow with his nose...roles around in it, like a junkie who's found an Ikea ballroom filled with horse. He really just goes nuts, and it makes us happy, because he's basically a not very happy dog. He's tangled and challenging, but when the snow flies, he's just so into it, just a dog having fun.

I hope it snows every day.

We got the lights up today, btw, and they are awesome. Tomorrow the tree and the house stuff, and if it's still snowy and chilly, I think I'll have to bake bread.

This is Buddy McDoggerson, in the snow. This is as happy as he gets.

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