Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Off to Ikea!!

So....we took the bracelet back to Tiffanys. It was so gorgeous, but I felt a bit weird about it. I guess it come down to this; I so appreciate the thought and love that David put into the purchase, but I'm not comfortable owning something so expensive, just because it's branded "Tiffany".

I'd rather we use the money for something that we can enjoy together, and I'd rather wear jewelry made by artists that I know and admire.

So having said all that....the Tiffany store....holy shit. It's just fabulous, filled with incredible items, and I'd highly recommend it as a place to window shop and drool. I saw a ring with a 5 carat (!!) diamond, the price tag was.....wait for it.....


Maybe next year, LOL!!!

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