Monday, February 16, 2009

When you don't feel like making beads....

Clean your studio! Seriously, it was getting so bad, "stuff" was encroaching on my floor space slowly but surely; so I'm having what my Mom used to call a cleaning "blitz". I've bundled up all of the glass that I'm not using these days....POUNDS of Satake, at least a pound of boro, several pounds of reichenbach....geez.

It's actually fun, right now I'm going through my books and magazines....that's a tough one for me, because I'm loath to get rid of written material, but space is an issue. I think I'll have an evening of magazine clipping, and just keep the bits that I need.

So I'm having a productive day at least, and tomorrow I'll be back to bead making with a clean studio.

Peace, everyone!

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