Thursday, November 29, 2007

Grocery Shopping. Hmmm.

Ever go shopping intending to buy a few things, and end up spending almost 300 bucks? That was my day.

But I did get enough supplies to bake hundreds of shortbread cookies, so that's the plan for this evening, to get started with "cookie factory" 2007.

I remember my beloved first dog Cypher, It was 3 years ago that we adopted him. The second night that he was home with us was a cookie baking night, and I made the mistake of leaving cookies cooling on the counter. Sweet Cypher was an accomplished counter-surfer, as I learned in a dramatic fashion. He managed to hoover at least 40-50 cookies before I caught him. I panicked, because he had recently survived a severe case of bloat.

Anyway....he "got rid" of the cookies, poor guy, and he was fine. So making cookies always makes me think of my darling doggy who's gone to the bridge.

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