Monday, November 26, 2007

Okay, here goes. My very first blog-thingy post!

It's a chilly Monday, and I'm trying to prioritize my time. Doing fairly poorly, since I'm writing here instead of making beads. I do have a couple in the kiln, though. I got to get in a few hours more of work, then shift gears and get some jewelry done to take to a gallery tomorrow.

I'm excited about my new website, which is more or less good to go, finally. David spent hours yesterday working on it, I can only marvel at his patience ....a quality that I lack.

This whole blogging thing is actually quite appealing. I hope that I can get into a nice routine with it, keep it up-to date, etc. We'll see.

Right now the guys are here cleaning the gutters, and Buddy McDoggerson is going batshit. He's very "high strung", and hearing people walking on the roof is not something he's used to, so all of his protective instincts have gone into high gear. Poor doggy, I'll take him for a walk later, although last week we saw a bear on our street, and that makes me a wee bit nervous. It was just a juvenile black bear, but I know that Buddy woudl become, shall we say, *interested* if he were to see said bear. I'm not sure what I'd do. One thing though, it'd make a hell of an interesting blog post.

Stay tuned.

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