Friday, July 18, 2008

Back Home After a Great Mini-Vacation!!

I had a great time wandering around Vancouver Island with my best buddy; we met a friend who toured us around the glorious Comox/Courtenay area....I'd really like to live on the island. Then we headed to Victoria for a couple of days, and did a few farmer's markets, etc. It was fun to be a tourist for a change.

I'm still stunned with the response to the Chaos tutorial, I can't properly express my gratitude to everyone who has purchased it, and to the hundreds of people who have contacted me to let me know how much they've enjoyed it. All in all it has, and continues to be a wonderful experience.

I was back on the torch this week, and I've got a new set up on eBay, much more to come next week! Tonight we're heading to the James Taylor concert....I'm meeting David downtown, which means that I'm taking (gulp!) public transit! Not being snobby , by the way, it's just that because I work at home, I never really need to use the skytrain, so for me it's kind of exotic. I'll leave you with a few fantastic pictures taken from the rail of the ferry on our return trip on Sunday.

What happened was, I was hanging out at the rail on the top deck, enjoying the sun, and the captain announced some Killer Whales off the port side. I had to do my "boat think" for a few seconds.....("duh...., I think Starboard is right, so Port must be left um, where's the front, er, the bow?" etc. etc.....anyway, I seemed to be on the "left", so I stayed put). Anyway, there was a crush of people at the rail, and up ahead we could see some tails, but not really the whales. As we drew closer, my camera batteries died. Really. So a nice young guy with a kick-ass Nikon SLR took these pictures, and was kind enough to email them to me. (Thank you!!) So not my pictures.....but I was there!
This was my first wild Orca sighting ever. One of the most amazing things that I've ever seen; it was utterly thrilling.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm Out of Town,

So if you're trying to reach me, it may take me a bit longer to reply. Tutorials will still be going out, no problem!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Friday, July 4, 2008

My Internet connection was down!

I've had a bit of a terrifying morning, trying to figure out why my internet was down, fortunately David managed to get me up and running again. If you've sent me an email, I will be replying shortly!

I've gotten caught up with tutorial deliveries, and have re-stocked my Etsy store. Sorry about that, folks!