Monday, August 18, 2008

Sneaking in one more picture, this bead's on eBay....I'm kind of in love with it.

A Drive-by Post, More Later!

Just thought I'd pop in, it's been a while! My Mom was here for a visit, and it's very lonely when she's gone. We had a great time, one of the highlights was a fantastic ride on "Chopper 9", the CTV helicopter. They gave us a great tour, it was a bit cloudy, so we didn't fly over the mountains, but we flew for more than an hour over the Fraser Valley, downtown Vancouver, and out to Horseshoe bay. It was amazing, thanks to my friend "Murman", our great pilot Derek, and of course my sweetie David who arranged it for us.

One picture as a teaser...more to follow once I get them edited.
I'm torching today, it's finally cool enough to work without melting myself along with the glass!