Thursday, June 19, 2008

Buddy McDoggerson is not well

Poor little guy, he's got to go to the vet yet again, to have a problem in his, er, 'nether regions' dealt with. (Just in case he reads this....I won't get too specific.)

He's kind of miserable, which makes me kind of miserable.

*looks around...he's out of the room..*.'s his anal gland, one has burst, again. There were no symptoms, nothing to look out for, not that we really, you know, LOOK all that terribly closely. And because he's a wee bit, um, "headstrong", he has to be sedated for this sort of thing. As would I, methinks. Mehopes.

So David will do doggy delivery, (the hard part), and I'll do stoned-post-op-doggy pickup, (the easy part). Everything will work out "in the end". Yeah....just shoot me now.

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