Friday, June 6, 2008

Oooookay. Lot's going on right now, but I gotta tell ya....I'm pretty happy about my switch to Firefox! I can actually easily get into my blog now, with Netscape it was becoming increasingly annoying! Too cool!!

I had a fantastic week at Red Deer College, just a great bunch of students, a wonderful facility, it was an incredibly positive experience, and I would be delighted to teach there again. My only glitch was my trip home, my flight was cancelled so I had to spend about 8 hours in the Calgary airport. I got lots of reading done, so the day went pretty quickly.

Pictures of Earl the Luffa coming soon, he's basking in some nice artificial light, since the weather in Vancouver is simply vomomitous....rain, rain, and more rain. It's freakin' depressing, and I'm getting fed up.

Here are a few pictures for you....a paperweight that I made in the hotshop at Red Deer, and a Chaos marble. This marble escaped at one point, and went rolling across my workbench, leaving a nice little trail of scorchy goodness. If I'm going to be making marbles, I've gotta get me some tools.

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