Saturday, June 21, 2008

Poor Buddy!!

He came home last night, as it turned out he didn't need 'major' surgery, but he did have to be anesthetized so his vet could take care of his problem.

He's still, as of this morning, very, very groggy and sort of "not Buddy" if that makes any sense.

I'm quite worried about him, but hopefully he'll perk up by later today.

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Jan Thompson said...

Sherry, so sorry to hear about Buddy, our poor little furry friends can't tell us when they hurt. I have one today that isn't eating, a sure sign something is wrong. Offer to take her outside and she is rarin to go, but won't eat. Oh my, give Buddy a hug for me and get back to work on that tutorial before the "ladies" at LE implode on their own....LOL

Jan (simvet02)